“Hands Up! Who Wants To Die?!” There’s a Nick Cave Graphic Novel!

Thanks to the wonderful, surreal-fun blog, Dangerous Minds, Aether Ore just found out that author and illustrator, Reinhard Kleist, has created a 328-Page graphic novel based on the life and work of Nick Cave,  “Nick Cave: Mercy On Me” that is ON SALE NOW.

“Mercy On Me” is described by Cave himself as, “…a terrifying conflation of Cave songs, biographical half-truths, and complete fabulations…”

Goddamn I’m stoked!!! For somebody who loves music, poetry, and comic-books the idea of this seems Holy Grail-like! With Leonard Cohen passed on, it seems to me that Cave and, yes, of course, Bob Dylan, are the last great living Poets of Rock. (This is not to say they are the last two Rockers, naw, ya know I could never say that and disavow the great Iggy and Sirs Paul, Ray D, Jimmy P and all the rest…and yes they have created Poetry…) Do I have to repeat: the Living Bards of Rock. (Save your arguments, folks…)

There have been times when I was on the verge of declaring the comic book medium the greatest of all Art mediums because of how it syncretizes so much of what I dig. Hell, I just went to the comic book shop yesterday to pick up a trade paperback of “Deadly Class,” and the new, super-Metal, “Atomohawk” but I still had to order “Mercy On Me” right away. [My wife had the great sense to make me save dough, as I’m still just getting paid part-time, (I’m always working,) and wait for it to get here in a couple of days.] Few rockers welcome the medium through their personal mythology like Nick Cave, singer of early post-punks, “The Boys Next Door,” renamed, and anointed head priest of the slaughterhouse noise punk, “The Birthday Party,” and then from the early-’80s to the present, the rakish belfry-borne, Poet-Crooner of Dark Night, in “Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.” He’s acted (sort of) in films, written novels and a volume of lyrics, and now writes the musical scores for tons of films with fellow Bad Seed, Warren Ellis. He’s respected by his peers and many elders in Rock n Roll, and he’s experienced ecstatic holy highs and the lowest, saddest of personal tragedies, (that I can’t even utter here, so as not to trivialize in a blurb about a comic book.)

Bring on the Rock n’ Roll Mythos!!!


Author: aetheroreblog

A family man, musician, writer, and raconteur prone to jags of logorrhea. Lover of vinyl records, books, movies, baseball, basketball, and beer.

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