New Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith album, “The Kid,” Released Today

Cause for celebration around these parts! If you have not checked out any of this woman’s work do yourself a favor and start now. Haven’t really had a chance to live with this album yet, but I really dug her last two, “Ears” and “Euclid,” respectively. (She also did a great collab with legendary New Age composer Suzanne Cianni last year.) Warm and buttery psychedelic synth dream rafts afloat woodwinds and filtered haunting vocals. Starkly beautiful stuff. My instant impression is she continues to hone her sound closer to the pop vein. I’m stoked to float with this for a while.


Author: aetheroreblog

A family man, musician, writer, and raconteur prone to jags of logorrhea. Lover of vinyl records, books, movies, baseball, basketball, and beer.

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